About the Storehouse

One day the churches of God are going to wake up and discover that all the precious truth they were taught by God’s Apostle is no longer available. All Internet sites that are upholding Mr. Armstrong will have been shut down. No longer will God’s people have access to the precious truth God gave us through his church. There won’t be anything to download or upload, it will all be gone. God call this in Amos 8: 11-12 “A Famine of hearing the words of the Lord.” He says people will by searching everywhere for the words of truth to no avail verse 12. But there will be those who are wise enough to get these precious words while they are still available; They will be the ones who saw the evil day approaching. You can be one of the wise who don’t have to starve when this spiritual famine takes place. The HWA Storehouse announces for the first time ever, brethren will have a chance to acquire all the precious Knowledge God fed his church and Apostle through for over 50 years.